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Free Chore Chart Ages 2-11


Free Chore Chart Ages 2-11

Chores Included

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Each page has several age appropriate chores and the next builds on the earlier.

Starting around age 2, you can encourage little ones to do small tasks to help you out around the house.  While you probably wouldn’t want a feather duster near your precious collectibles, kids this age can certainly wave a wand about and feel that they are “helping Mummy”

Bed-making by age 4 or 5 may seem like a tall task for little arms – but we’re not talking perfection here.  Any effort to smooth the sheets and put a pillow in place should be rewarded with cheers and hugs – it’s more about developing good habits than perfect execution.

By age 6 or 7 you can introduce the responsibilities of pet care…. but secretly double-check so that no animals go hungry if tasks are forgotten.  Kids can bring their garbage cans to you to empty ready for garbage day and you’ll find they get a kick out of trying the vacuüm if you hype it as a “special tool for adults”.  (Not to be confused with other “special tools for adults” that you DON’T want them to find and use. lol)


Age appropriate chores for 8 and 9 year olds make up a longer list – but nothing here is difficult or anything more than easy everyday habits

Ages 10-11 are great for installing a sense of 'adulthood' before teenagehood kicks in and "I want to be an adult" - well let their wish come true!


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